Embedded Device Security | Reverse Engineering | Side Channel Attacks


EmberCrypt's main expertise is in embedded device security, specifically in the realm between hardware and firmware. It was set up by Jan Van den Herrewegen, who defended his PhD thesis Automotive Firmware Extraction and Analysis Techniques at the University of Birmingham in February 2021. EmberCrypt remains closely attached to the automotive security field, with expertise in the security architecture of automotive chips by various manufacturers (NXP, Renesas, ST Micro, ...) With experience in ECU firmware readout, embedded device \& ECU reverse engineering and side-channel attacks please do not hesitate to contact us if we can assist in your project.

ECU Firmware Readout

We offer a firmware readout/overwrite service of various embedded MCUs, including but not limited to:

  • Renesas 78K0, 78K0R, V850(Ex), RH850, R32C
  • ST Micro STM8, STM32
  • NXP SPC5xxx

Please contact us with a detailed description of your requirements for a quote.

Reverse Engineering

We are experienced in reverse engineering both commodity (Windows, Linux, Android) and embedded software using various state-of-the-art tools (IDA, Ghidra, Frida).

  • Immobiliser key diversification
  • Automotive diagnostics (seed-key, firmware update, ECU backdoors, ...)
  • Android app reverse engineering (Frida)
  • Windows/Linux executables

Side-channel & Fault Attacks

We perform side-channel analysis and fault-injection attacks on various embedded chips and architectures. We can help test your product for common hardware vulnerabilities and suggest countermeasures.